Recommendation Form below is provided to
nominate persons to receive the Foundation Award

 Achievements will be considered in the following areas:

UNITY. Chronic infighting and rivalry can be disastrous to Jewish life. A program that effectively replaces that spirit with cooperation and mutual respect, transcending geographical, doctrinal or other differences, and strengthening ties to a common identity, will be welcomed.

EDUCATION/INFORMATION. A program or media use that spreads Jewish information to a wide public. A published or publishable book that adds something to Jewish knowledge or to understanding of Jewish people; a musical or dramatic stage or film score, script or production with the same standard; a school program that shows content, originality and effectiveness.

RESCUE. Individuals who save the lives of endangered Jewish people, rehabilitate destroyed or damaged Jewish communities, or enable Jewish refugees to find safe haven anywhere in the world. Also eligible are those who rescue people from dangers within -- including addictions or mental illness.

CREATIVE ARTS. Original or interpretive work in music, visual arts, literature, dramatic arts or mixed media that celebrates or commemmorates Jewish life.

As significant contributions build the fund, our award grows. The 2010 award was $25,000. By 2015 it increased to a total of $45,000.   In 2016 the Award was $50,000.  Income from IRA’s and mandatory distributions can still legally be paid directly to tax-exempt charities, thus decreasing the individual's taxable income while helping a good cause. You can order Required Minimum Distributions paid to the Cohon Memorial Foundation -- or even roll over a whole IRA. If you like what we are doing, we would welcome your participation!

If you are recommending another individual, please complete the entire form. If you are recommending yourself, only complete the bottom portion.

Fields with an (*) symbol are required. Submit this form separately for each candidate being recommended.

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